Pakalolo Rebrand

Pakalolo is a store in Ottawa that sells cannabis products and accessories.

Pakalolo symbol
Old and new version of Pakalolo's logo

Project Goal.

The goal was to design a logo that would communicate Pakalolo’s brand to the public and stay true to their Hawaiian aesthetic.

How I Got There.

I started off by visiting the store and taking a tour, I gathered inspiration from the beautiful decor, plants, and wall art. The word pakalolo means cannabis in Hawaiian. The owner of Pakalolo fell in love with Hawaii 20 years ago when he and his wife had their honeymoon there. The laid-back and carefree attitude is what inspired him when creating his brand.
Next, I did some market research. Made a mood board and learned a little bit more about Hawaii.

Photo of Pakalolo's store front
Rough sketches of pakalolo's logo

Sketching phase. Get all those ideas out on paper.

Once I had a direction I went digital and created some different options in Adobe Illustrator

Refined digital thumbnail illustrations of Pakalolo logo
Version one of the Pakalolo logo
Version 2 of the Pakalolo logo

I broke it down to the two best concepts. After much discussion, I decided to go with option 1.

The logo design uses a surfboard shape to exemplify Pakalolo’s brand. The surfboard shape is broken up with the negative shape of a leaf. This represents the product in a subtle way, it doesn’t feel in your face or blatant. The leaf shapes also resemble a palm leaf connecting it back to the beach and Hawaii.

Women wearing sweater with the Pakalolo logo
Photo of the Pakalolo business card in a wooden bowl
Book open showing branding guide

Took it a step further and created a Branding Guide to ensure that the logo is always being displayed properly.