Man and a women leaning on the hood of a car with fries and gravy
Photo of fries and gravy

Project Goal.

The goal of this poster was to promote a new single and upcoming show. I wanted to create something memorable that people could experience. Using Artvive I created a short animation that activates on a user’s phone with the Artvive app.

How I Got There.

I worked one on one with the musicians to learn more about their new album and what their vision was.

Title design for poster
Rough sketch of poster design
Rough sketch of poster design

With their ideas in mind, I sketched out a concept.

Final poster design day version
Final poster design night version

I created two versions of the poster, a day and a night. The design was made using real photos edited in Photoshop to create a collage style.

Then I started to animate in After Effects. The scene changes from day to night the musicians change poses and other micro animations occur. If you would like to experience this poster through your device scan the QR below to get the Artvive App

Scan To Download The Artvive App

QR code that leads to the Artvive app

Scan This poster using Artvive

Final poster design